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Pent Or Apex Shed?

Pent or Apex Shed

What’s the difference?

Pent or Apex shed refers to the style of the roof, Pent having one slope, the highest point on one edge of the shed. Giving the full height the full length on one side.  An Apex has two slopes, generally meeting in the centre at the highest point and sloping down each side. Giving the full height down the centre of the shed.

pent or apex shed
Apex Shed


pent Shed
Pent Shed







Which is best?

Whenever we get asked which is best I always say it depends on how you intend to use the shed. And where you intend to place it. Apex roofs are perfect if you plan to work inside, giving headroom down the centre with the edges free for storage & work benches etc. Pent Roofs are perfect for placing under windows, against fences/walls, & down alleyways. Giving full height down one side of the shed, mainly for storage & bike storage

We offer a wide range or sizes of Pent and Apex sheds