Pent Sheds

Pent Sheds

Pent sheds have a sloping roof, either higher at the back, front or either side.

We have various height options on all our pent sheds, starting at 3’6 up to 6’6

Choosing the slope

So to determine how you want the roof to slope wherever the door/s is we class that as the front. We have four options when selecting the roof:

  1. Roof slopes front down the back. Meaning the highest point is where the door/s are, sloping down away from the door/s
  2. Roof slopes back down to the front. Meaning the highest point at the back, sloping down to the door/s
  3. Roof slopes right down to the left. Meaning the highest side is on the right hand side of the door/s
  4. Roof slopes left down to the right. Meaning the highest side is in the left hand side of the door/s

And if you are unsure which to select, please contact us, always happy to help.

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